Are You Ready For El Niño?

As winter approaches, so does the threat of record rain fall from El Niño.  Here at M Service, Inc., we want to make sure both you and your vehicle are prepared.  Make sure to call us or schedule an appointment if you would like us to inspect your vehicle.  

Preparing for Rain

  • Wiper blades! 
    • Deteriorate in summer heat
    • Double checks lengths as often both blades can be different lengths
  • Check Tires
    • Good tire tread important for slick roads
    • Stick quarter in grooves upside down-If you see the top of his head, time for new tires
  • Check headlights
    • Proper lights are not only recommended but required by law when using wipers
    • Consider restoring if the glass is foggy
  • Run the defroster
    • Better to find out if it needs repair before it rains and you can’t see out your windshield
    • The defroster removes fog, but it also keeps moisture off the windows
  • Check tire pressure
  • Surface protection
    • Apply sealants to windshield such as RainX
    • In case your wipers fail
  • Check brakes
    • Be prepared-You may need to stop on a dime
  • It’s handy to have the following items in your car
    • Flashlight
    • Spare tire/Jack
    • Jumper cables
    • Rain coat/Umbrella
    • Portable battery charger
    • Maps (In case your phone/gps batteries die)
    • Spare change of clothes (in case you get soaked)

Driving in the rain

  • Give your vehicle a physical inspection before driving (tires, wiper blades)
  • Listen to the radio/watch the weather for weather/traffic updates.
  • Allow additional travel time
    • Better to be too early than late
  • If the rain is too heavy, pull over
    • If you can’t see road signs or the car in front of you, it’s time to find a safe place until conditions improve
  • Drive slow and cautiously
    • Conditions can change in a moment’s notice, give yourself time to prepare
  • Avoid driving in the outer lanes
    • They are typically the first to flood
  • Avoid standing water
  • Know how to react if you start hydroplaning
    • Don’t brake!
    • Slowly let off the gas until your tires touch the ground, then slowly pump your brakes
  • Keep an eye out for pedestrians
    • Dark clothing/umbrellas + rain = camouflage
    • Pedestrians can be difficult to spot in the rain


Your Vehicle
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