Dashboard Warning Lights-When Should I Stop Driving?

We hope August is treating you well so far.  This month we have some great tips on decoding your dashboard indicator lights.  

When should I stop driving and get my car checked out?


Check Engine Light/Service Engine Soon

check engine lightThis light may be activated due to issues ranging from something minor like a loose gas cap to something serious such as a faulty catalytic convertor.  Make sure to bring in your vehicle for testing.  

If the light flashes, it is warning you of a potentially dangerous problem.  Stop driving IMMEDIATELY and get it towed to M Service Inc right away!

Temperature Warning Light

temperature warning lightIf you see this light, your vehicle is overheating!  Immediately pull over and turn off your vehicle to let it cool before looking under the hood to avoid injury.  (This light may come on due to low coolant level in addition to other causes.)


Oil Pressure Warning

oil pressure warningCan indicate 2 things-The oil pressure dashboard light has failed or your engine has low oil pressure.  Check your oil levels and add more oil if needed.  If the light doesn't turn off, call a tow and bring it in.  We'll be happy to look at it.


Brake System Alert

brakes system light You have low brake fluid which may be caused by leaks, low brake linings (brake pads), or other issue.  If you are seeing this light, bring it in and we'll take a look!


ABS System

abs system lightIndicates a malfunction in your anti-lock brake system.  When this light turns on, your ABS disengages and won't turn back on until your vehicle is serviced, though you will still have normal brake pedal and stopping capabilities.  


Tire Pressure

tire pressure lightThe air pressure in your tires has dropped in at least one of your tires!  Check your tire pressure and add air to any tires that are low.  If the issue persists, stop by the shop-you have may have a leak. 

Battery Warning

battery warningThis light tells you there's an issue with the electrical system.  If this light comes on while you're driving, keep your vehicle running and bring it by for testing.  If you turn off your ignition, it may not restart.    


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The latest progress on our expansion!  New door installed.



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