How Does a Defective Ignition Coil Affect a Mini’s Performance?

Mini, a British automotive company founded by BMW in 1969, is known widely for designing and manufacturing small cars with exceptional engine performance and roomy, comfortable interior space. While Minis are built to last, they may experience issues leaving various parts defective, such as the ignition coil.

All vehicles are manufactured with at least one ignition coil. However, many modern vehicles are designed with one ignition coil for each cylinder in the vehicle, meaning a V6 engine will have up to 6 ignition coils beneath the hood.

The ignition coil plays a vital role in the functionality of a Mini's engine performance. This induction coil is an intricate part of the ignition system that takes voltage produced by the battery and transfers it into the form of an electrical spark to ignite the air to fuel mixture in the combustion chamber allowing your vehicle to start.

Symptoms of a Defective Ignition Coil

The ignition coil is an extremely important part beneath the hood of your vehicle that must work properly to ensure your vehicle is able to start to get you where you need to be. Do not worry, there are many warning signs that will alert you to a problem developing beneath the hood of your Mini.

●      Your engine begins misfiring: When you turn the key to start your engine, a spark is needed from the ignition coil to ignite the air and fuel mixture allowing your vehicle to start. When the ignition coil begins to fail, you will experience engine misfiring as a result of the ignition coil being unsuccessful in transforming the battery voltage into an electrical spark.

●      An illuminated check engine light: The engine performance of a Mini is continually monitored by the vehicle's onboard computer system to detect any small or large problem developing beneath the hood. When a problem is detected, the OCS will alert the driver by illuminating a warning light on the dashboard.

●      Your Mini Cooper will not start: Because Minis rely on the ignition coil to successfully start when this part becomes defective the air/fuel mixture is unable to ignite allowing the engine to start. When this occurs, you will be left stranded wherever your vehicle is parked.

What causes the ignition coil to fail?

The ignition coil is designed to last 100,000 miles. However, it may fail prematurely for a number of reasons including:

●      Damaged spark plugs: This causes the ignition coil to work harder, adding stress leaving them to wear down prematurely.

●      Overheating: When temperatures reach too high of a temperature, the coils do not allow electricity to pass appropriately leaving the ignition coil unable to function.

●      Normal wear and tear: All parts that work together to allow your Mini to function as intended are exposed to normal wear as you drive leaving them subject to failure at any time.

●      Insufficient battery power: The ignition coil receives power from the battery. So, when the battery does not have enough power the ignition coil will inevitably burn out.

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