How to Deal with a Leaking Sunroof in Your Land Rover

Land Rover sunroofs are an interior detail that adds enjoyment and fun to your drive. Sunroofs are great to look at and can make a Land Rover’s cabin feel more open and airy. Yet, when they fail, it can cause devastating problems for the cabin of your Land Rover. Serving as a barrier between rain and outside elements and the interior of your Land Rover, a sunroof can easily fall victim to a leak that can damage the cabin of your Land Rover. While some problems with a Land Rover’s sunroof revolve around the seal, others present themselves in the actual sunroof drains.


Reasons for a Leaky Sunroof

A Land Rover’s sunroof is made of many different, moving parts. This makes it easier for one or two parts to become faulty and lead to a disheartening leak that wettens the interior of your Land Rover. Common causes for a leaking sunroof include:

●      Drain Buildup and Clogging: When your sunroof collects water on top of it, the liquid has to have somewhere to go. That’s why sunroofs have built-in drains to alleviate some of the puddling on top of a sunroof. These drains are located at the corners of the sunroofs housing and can become clogged with debris, pine needles, leaves, and other small objects.

●      Loose Rubber Around the Edge: With a piece of rubber that lays flat against the glass when the sunroof is closed, this interior element of your Land Rover is meant to protect the interior of your vehicle. Whenever it malfunctions, though, it can allow water to seep into your vehicle’s interior.

●      Operator Malfunction: Whether you’ve tried to open your sunroof when going through a car wash or left it open overnight during a rainstorm, operator malfunction and error are common causes of leaking sunroofs.


How to Prevent a Leaking Sunroof

The first step to preventing a leaking sunroof is to always be aware of your surroundings and actions. If you put your sunroof down, remember to roll it up when you’re done. Certainly, don’t leave it outside overnight in this state.

Next, you’ll want to make sure you have your sunroof inspected annually to ensure your seals are in good working order. These seals face the sun on a daily basis and sit in the heat for hours, so it can become easy for them to get dried out and cracked. This can lead to even more potential for leaks from your sunroof.

Lastly, make sure you remove moisture from your sunroof with a blower every time you wash your Land Rover. This will help keep water, debris, and dirt away from your drains. If this isn't possible, you can always make sure to park your Land Rover in a covered area or in a garage, away from rain and leaves.


Fixing a Leaking Sunroof

This is a feat that is best left to the professionals. Depending on the reason why your sunroof is leaking, you may have to explore a variety of options for repair. While it may be possible to simply replace the seal of your sunroof, serious cases may involve changing out the hardware of your roof or the glass itself. Don’t worry! When you have problems with your Land Rover’s sunroof, the professionals at M Service are ready and willing to help.


Get Help With Your Leaking Sunroof at M Service

As your local Walnut Creek, CA repair shop, M Service is focused on providing top care to our customers while repairing their vehicles. We offer a no-contact dropbox to ensure the health and safety of our customers. We also have a complimentary concierge service. We know having your vehicle worked on can seriously hinder your daily schedule, so we want to help eliminate that worry as much as possible.

Our experienced technicians not only know their way around your vehicle, but they are also conscious of cleanliness along the way. Using new gloves every time they get into your vehicle, the technicians at M service ensure your Land Rover is exactly the way you left it after your leaking sunroof repair. So, when you find yourself in need of care for your leaking sunroof, give us a call at M Service at (925) 932-8744.

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