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Drivers consider several factors when purchasing a new vehicle, and at the top of the list is reliability. German cars are infamous for their stellar performance, technological advancements, high-quality engineering, and Volkswagen is no exception. Volkswagen has delivered stylish and capable vehicles known for their safety and affordability with moderate ownership costs.

The brand has long established its reputation for producing reliable vehicles. Volkswagen is still "the people's car," as there is a model to suit any lifestyle, budget, or need. Its distinctive designs have also captivated consumers’ hearts, giving them a global audience. Keep reading as we discuss the factors that have facilitated Volkswagen's outstanding reliability ratings.

Factors Aiding Volkswagen Reliability

As with most German vehicles, Volkswagen has consistently gotten impressive reliability ratings. The following factors have facilitated Volkswagen's outstanding reliability ratings:

Safety Features

Volkswagens are among the safest car brands and has consistently developed its vehicles to include safety features to make them even safer. Currently, all Volkswagen vehicles feature an active and passive safety system.

The active system contains safety features that help relieve critical driving situations and prevent accidents by actively intervening. The active safety systems includes:

  • Electronic Stabilization Control (ESC)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Electronic Brake Force Distribution (EBD)
  • Parking Sensors

Volkswagen's passive system includes engineering measures designed to protect the vehicle occupants from collision impacts and minimize the risk of injuries during an accident. The passive system includes seat belts, airbags, vehicle chassis, stiff roofs, and child seats.

Fuel Efficiency

Volkswagen has consistently delivered when it comes to fuel-efficient vehicles. The 2022 Volkswagen Jetta is one of the most fuel-efficient compact cars, with an EPA estimated 40 MPG on the highway and 29 MPG for city driving. The Jetta was well ahead of the Audi A3, Volvo S60, BMW 3 Series, and the Mercedes C-Class.

Costs of Repair and Maintenance

Vehicle maintenance and repairs account for a large amount of the total cost of ownership. New Volkswagen vehicles are covered by the Volkswagen New Vehicle Limited Warranty, including bumper-to-bumper coverage, powertrain coverage, and repairs to fix a manufacturer's defect.

While the estimated cost of upkeep and the likelihood of a severe repair increases as vehicles get older, it is still moderate compared to other German cars like BMW, Mercedes, or Audi.


Volkswagen vehicles are quite affordable, and they are inexpensive compared to other European cars. German cars have an impeccable reputation for high-quality engineering and performance combined with great style. The downside is that these qualities come at a high cost. Although Volkswagen vehicles aren't as expensive as other German vehicles, you could pay a little extra for its German engineering.


German precision engineering puts their vehicles at the forefront of performance. German cars aren't just designed to look stylish but also deliver high quality and dependable performance. While some high-end German vehicles may outperform Volkswagen vehicles, the brand ensures their cars deliver power when the driver needs it most.

Since the emergence of Volkswagen in the auto scene, they have consistently delivered dependable vehicles. Despite their involvement in the diesel gate scandal, which brought the brand's reliability into question, the brand has moved forward and intensified efforts toward becoming carbon-neutral by 2050.

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