Reasons for a Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure in a Mercedes from the Certified Mechanics in Walnut Creek

Reasons for a Crankshaft Position Sensor Failure in a Mercedes from the Certified Mechanics in Walnut Creek

Mercedes is popularly known for its combination of luxury and high performance. However, some problems with your Mercedes can ruin the performance you've come to enjoy and expect. One of these problems is a crankshaft position sensor failure.

The crankshaft position sensor is a component in your Mercedes tasked with measuring the rotation speed and the position of the crankshaft. Signals obtained are then relayed to the Electronic Control Unit (ECU). This information helps the ECU make decisions to ensure the high performance of your Mercedes.

When your crankshaft position sensor failure begins to fail, it relays incorrect pieces of information, causing your Mercedes to encounter performance issues. We have provided below the reason and signs to look out for when dealing with a failing Crank position sensor.

Faulty Wiring Harness

Crankshaft position sensor failure is most times traced to a faulty wiring harness. The wiring harness plays an integral role in your Mercedes. With organized bundles of wires and cable running throughout your vehicle, it serves almost as the central nervous system, connecting different components with signals/information and electric power.

Damage to your wiring harness may include but be limited to these causes; improper/disruption of voltage, loose wiring, and oil leaks leading to wear and tears. When your wiring harness has been damaged, it can cause your crankshaft position sensor to fail.

Overheating Engine

Engine overheat has been regularly regarded as the focal point from which different internal problems may arise in your Mercedes. Irrespective of the reason for the overheating, whether it be lack of proper ventilation, lubrication or radiation issues, if your engine temperature rises to an abnormal level, it could melt the plastic protecting the crank sensor damaging your crankshaft sensor.

When this damage does occur, the sensor will lose its ability to pass crankshaft signals back to the computer. At this point, your Mercedes would have a problem starting.

Short Circuit

A short circuit happens when electricity flows outside its prescribed pathway with little or no resistance. A short circuit can cause severe damage when an electric current moves in the wrong direction with little electric resistance; sparks and fire can be ignited within the electrical panel. Depending on the severity, when you experience a short circuit in your Mercedes, the crankshaft position sensor can be highly damaged beyond repair.

Your Mercedes needs to be appropriately checked by experienced technicians and mechanics from time to time to reduce the chances of short circuits happening. Short circuit has been recorded as one of the significant causes of fire outbreaks in vehicles. Therefore, you should take it very seriously.

Damaged Timing Belt

In any event where your timing belt may be damaged (i.e., if the damage is caused by a head-on collision or wear and tear), this can cause crankshaft position sensor failure. Here, the loosened or snapped belt can strike the crankshaft sensor causing damage to the sensor and the Crankshaft. Your Mercedes may begin to crank under this problem.

Damaged Encoder Wheel

The encoder wheel is tasked with the job of encoding positional information so that the computer can determine the position of the wheel. When this wheel gets damaged (i.e., where the wheel flags are bent,) the encoder sensor would not read this information correctly, leading to a Crankshaft position sensor failure.

Let the Certified Mechanics at M Service, Inc. Help

Mercedes Crankshaft Position Sensor Inspection

When your Mercedes experiences crankshaft position sensor failure, symptoms may include intermittent stalling, problems surrounding ignition, uneven acceleration, engine vibrating & misfiring, check-engine light coming on, reduced gas mileage, and rough idle.

Keeping your European car on schedule with service is crucial to avoiding expensive repairs or any long-term performance problems. At M Service, Inc., our shop uses the latest factory-grade tools and equipment to handle everything your car needs.

At M Service, Inc., our mechanics are committed to providing your Mercedes with high-quality service and repair. When you notice the signs in this article, we advise against trying to fix this problem yourself because this will likely cause more severe damage resulting in expensive repairs.

We have been delivering quality and affordable services to drivers in Walnut Creek, CA, since 1984. Drive into our shop or call us today if your car is due for service or you’d like to learn more about regular maintenance.



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