Reasons for Lifter Ticking Issues in a BMW from Certified Mechanics in Walnut Creek

BMW’s are known for their optimal performance and safety and are one of the most sought-after vehicles on the road. Unfortunately, they are not without their faults. BMW’s are known for developing lifter ticking issues with their hydraulic valve lifter.

Lifter ticking issues can start off as a low and easy to miss noise coming from your engine. But it can develop into an annoying sound heard every time you start your vehicle and in intermittent frequencies as you drive. While it may not seem like much of a problem other than the annoying ticking & clicking, lifter ticking issues can signify or cause other problems with your vehicle.

Let’s dig into the purpose of the hydraulic valve lifter, causes of lifter ticking issues, and what to do when experiencing this issue.


The Purpose of the Hydraulic Valve Lifter

Your vehicle’s hydraulic valve lifter is responsible for keeping the engine quiet and allowing the contraction and expansion of the different engine parts when the temperature of the engine heats up, allowing room for the parts to grow. Because there is limited room beneath the car’s hood, the hydraulic valve lifter is a very important component to your vehicle’s engine.

Unfortunately, BMW’s are known for having poorly-crafted hydraulic valve lifters, which leads to the ticking sound coming from your vehicle. Once the hydraulic valve lifter has been broken in after some time, this is usually when the problem starts occurring. If your vehicle is currently experiencing this issue, it’s nothing to ignore. Not only will you be stuck with the obnoxious ticking and clicking sound, but it can actually signify further damage with your vehicle’s engine or lead to more severe problems with the engine that will cost you a pretty penny to fix.

Schedule an appointment with your trusted BMW mechanic as soon as possible when experiencing lifter ticking issues.


Causes of Lifter Ticking Issues

Below are the causes of lifter ticking issues. If you’re experiencing lifter ticking issues, make an appointment for your vehicle to be diagnosed as soon as possible. Failure to do so can lead to more serious problems.

  • Wear and Tear: Over time, wear and tear affects your vehicle’s engine parts, which can ultimately lead to the lifter ticking issue. Proper routine maintenance and repair or replacement of faulty engine parts can help prevent this issue from occurring. Prevention is key to avoiding lifter ticking issues from occurring.
  • Poor Lubrication: A problem with the lubrication of the hydraulic lifter is another cause of lifter ticking issues. When the hydraulic lifter doesn’t receive the adequate oil it requires to function properly, lifter ticking issues occur as a result. Again, preventative maintenance is the best defense when it comes to lifter ticking issues.
  • Older Vehicles with Heavy Mileage: If you’re driving an older vehicle with a lot of mileage, you may have already experienced lifter ticking, as it is prevalent in older vehicles with heavy use. As your car ages and the miles accumulate, it is important to keep up with regular maintenance and servicing as it can potentially thwart lifter ticking issues from occurring.
  • Dirty Engine: Dust, dirt, debris, and mud in the engine can also cause the lifter ticking issue in your vehicle, which is why regular maintenance is so important. Unless you’re regularly having your engine inspected, you won’t know if there’s an issue under the hood caused by a dirty engine.


M Service for your BMW

If you’re experiencing annoying lifter ticking issues, you’ll want to have your vehicle seen as soon as possible. Take care of the issue as soon as it is noticed to avoid additional damage to your vehicle’s engine and a hefty repair bill you don’t want.

Since 1984, M Service has proudly serviced the Walnut Creek, CA community. We offer a 24-month/24,000-mile warranty and OEM parts for repairs and make sure your car always gets the highest quality service needed to preserve your BMW for years to come.  Our mechanics are specialized in servicing the BMW brand and we look forward to earning your trust.


Call us today to schedule your appointment, and we’ll have your vehicle back on the road quickly so you can drive with confidence in your BMW.


* BMW M6 image credit goes to:bizoo_n.


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