Signs of Failed Suspension Struts in Your Land Rover

Land Rovers are vehicles that have braved rugged terrain for as long as the model has been in production. The reason why your Land Rover can tackle off-roading is due to the suspension system that is at play in a Land Rover. This system reduces shock to the car’s body and most importantly, keeps the driver safe when the roads are unsteady.

We know you love taking adventures in your Land Rover, so you want to maintain it well so it services you for many trips to come. The suspension system will take damage and require maintenance over time. Our expert technicians at M Services can assess possible damages to your Land Rover.

We have continued our operations throughout the pandemic and have maintained an optimally-clean facility where your car will be handled by experts who have worked on thousands of Land Rovers like your own.

Why are suspension struts so important?

The suspension struts of Land Rovers are built to last, but that does not mean they last forever. They are struts that are connected to the front wheels, so the bulk of any impact is absorbed there. This lowers the amount of damage done to the rest of the car during your travels.

The suspension struts are the pinnacle of importance to the rest of the suspension system, so if the struts are failing, it is likely that it will lead to more damages to the suspension system down the line, which pose danger to the driver and the vehicle.

Signs of Failed Suspension Struts

Your driving experience will change when your suspension struts are failing. Bumps and potholes that once did not impact your driving experience before will now be felt. You may also hear a knocking sound when you hit even the smallest of bumps.

If you take a look at your tires, you may find them to be wearing down unevenly. This can be caused by several reasons, but one is that your suspension struts are failing. You can also see if your car looks like it is squatting, where the weight looks to be unbalanced in your car. Sometimes it happens from side to side, so if your car is not balanced and level, take it to get serviced as soon as possible.

Signs of a soft suspension are when you are stopping and feel the front of your car dip forward while the back end feels raised. This issue can lead to your car being unable to brake in time, which endangers yourself and anyone else on the road. You always need to maintain a reasonable braking distance in case of needing to step on the brakes.

You can do the bounce test at home by applying pressure on a corner of your Land Rover. You want the car to bounce back immediately. However, if it takes some time for your Land Rover to return to its resting position, and it bounces several times before coming to rest, you should get the suspension system checked out immediately.

You absolutely do not want to wait until your Land Rover’s entire suspension system has failed, since your driving experience will be greatly impacted. This is also extremely dangerous for the human body. We rely on the car’s ability to absorb shock when we drive on rugged terrain.

M Service Will Fix Your Suspension Struts

You do not want to go through the hassle of lifting your car in your home garage to fix these struts. Let our professionals at M Service take care of suspension strut replacement for you.


We have Land Rover suspension replacement parts sent to us straight from Land Rover manufacturers, so you know the parts that are going into your car are authentic and will last for a long time. Let our technicians take care of your Land Rover and see if there are any additional issues with your car related to the failed suspension struts. An inspection now can save you money on expensive repairs later.


When a Land Rover’s suspension system is faulty, there is a high chance the brake system is also impaired. M Service of Walnut Creek, CA is fully supplied to take care of any issue that comes to light when repairing your Land Rover. Call us today!

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