Superior Walnut Creek Oil Service-M Service Inc and Total Engine Oil

M Service, Inc and Total engine oils protect your investment, lower maintenance cost, and improved fuel mileage.  

With today’s fuel blends and stringent emissions requirements gas and diesel engines must meet.

Total engine oils possesses outstanding technology leading to optimal engine protection and it is formulated to meet the most stringent requirements (for gasoline and diesel engines) and has garnered the approval of European manufacturers.

M Service, Inc. recommends changing your engine oil and filter every 5K or six months. We have found this to lower overall vehicle maintenance cost:

  • Reduction of intake manifold sludge build up.
  • Reduction of sludge and clogging of engine oil vapor systems.
  • Reduction of combustion chamber carbon buildup.-
  • Improved engine efficiency and fuel mileage.
  • Improved reliability and engine life. 

​M Service, Inc. has been providing “Total” engine oils for the past ten years.

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