The Best Place to Go in Walnut Creek to Fix Broken Rear Springs in Your Volkswagen

Some Volkswagen vehicles experience a manufacturing error when it comes to the rear springs. This may not affect every Volkswagen owner, but it is essential to know a potential mechanical pitfall that could lead to a dangerous or scary experience while driving down the road.


The rear coil springs are a part of your Volkswagen’s suspension system. As you drive on the road, whether it is a smooth surface or bumpy and rough, the suspension system absorbs the shock of the impact.


A sound suspension system keeps your drive a smooth experience if you commute on relatively non-challenging terrain. However, if you do end up running over a particularly sizable pothole, speedbumps, or debris, the suspension system comforts the impact so it's not too jarring. However, a large amount of wear and tear on the rear coil springs in your Volkswagen increases the chance of a breakdown occurring before it's natural lifespan wears out.


Signs of Malfunction


There are some obvious ways to notice if one of your rear coil springs is not working correctly in your Volkswagen. First, you might notice that your driving experience has been less than stellar. This may include shaking in your vehicle and feeling the impact when you go over small potholes or relatively-low bumps. Below are more warning signs:


●      Strange Noises:Bring your Volkswagen in for inspection if clunking or rattling noises ruin the songs on the radio. It might be an issue with one of the coil springs.

●      Steering Trouble: Additionally, if you notice that steering is difficult and tackling curves can be a challenge, these are also causes of concern.

●      Sagging on One End: If your car is sagging on one side of the rear end, one of the coil springs might have broken. Sagging can happen with more than one coil spring. The coil springs help prop up the car, so if one corner or more is leaning, it needs to visit an auto repair shop. They will need to fix this so you can drive with a level vehicle!


Keeping the Rear Coil Springs in Good Shape


Naturally, one wants to prevent a rear coil spring break and not suffer a terrifying experience on a highway. Though the issue tends to plague some Volkswagen models, there are ways you can reduce the wear and tear on the rear coil springs.


●      Safe Driving: It is not always possible to miss a bump in the road, especially at night. Regardless, try to avoid potholes, tree branches, or any other obstacles that might impact the suspension system. Aim for well-paved roads and stay on the paved paths. Such routes can be easier on your suspension system and might help the rear coil springs last longer.

●      Tire Health: Ensure your tires are in good working condition and have proper tread. Bad tires can create tire misalignment, which is not a good scenario for a well-functioning suspension system.

●      Ask the Experts: Keep your car regularly serviced and on a maintenance plan to avoid surprises. On your next appointment, ask them to look over the rear coil springs and the tire alignment. If you keep your car on a routine service plan, your trusted mechanic can look for issues before they become problems. This way, you can avoid most frustrations by fixing small malfunctions before they become major breakdowns.


Visit M Service Today in Walnut Creek for Rear Coil Spring Solutions


If you have been noticing some of the symptoms above or prefer to have a preventative diagnostic run, let M Service in Walnut Creek, CA assist you with your Volkswagen or European brand today. You made an investment by purchasing a European model, so allow us to help you protect that investment and give you the best service possible. Check out our online reviews, BBB rating, and local reputation which speak to our level of excellence and our customer service.


Our European auto service experts have the expert knowledge necessary to take care of your coil spring issue or any other mechanical problems with your European vehicle. Be back on the road in no time with M Service. Call us at 925-932-8744 or schedule an appointment online.


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