Warning Signs of a Fuel Pump Leaks in Your Car

The fuel pump is an essential piece of your car. Its function is to send gasoline from your tank to your engine fuel components. The fuel pump is usually electric and is located inside the fuel tank. It creates pressure in the fuel lines, pushing gas to the engine. This pressure raises the boiling point of gasoline.

Signs Your Fuel Pump is Leaking

Most fuel pumps have a hole in the bottom. When the fuel pump leaks, gas escapes from this hole to other parts of the car, causing an array of problems. A fuel leak will have a gasoline smell to it, which contains carbon monoxide and can be very dangerous when inhaled. Below are some common symptoms of a fuel pump leak:

●      Gasoline Smell: The fuel system in your car is sealed. If there is a leak in the fuel pump, this allows the smell of gasoline to permeate into the cabin and outside of your vehicle. If you smell gas, it is essential to take your car to a trained technician to get it checked out right away. A licensed mechanic will also be able to tell if your oil is contaminated with gasoline.
●      Starting Issues: If you attempt to start your car and it either fails to start or takes significantly longer time to start than usual, there could be an issue with your fuel pump.
●      Engine Stalling: The fuel system of your car is designed to allow your vehicle to run smoothly. If there is a leak in your fuel pump, your engine could stall or experience misfires, which can be dangerous and unexpected. Misfires are when your car is idling and a vibrating or shaking feeling is present inside your car.
●      Decreased Acceleration: Your fuel pump is intended to give the exact amount of fuel to your engine that it needs while idling or when the gas pedal is pressed down. A leak in your fuel pump can change the pressure involved in this interaction, which will impact acceleration. This can make your car struggle to get up to speed.
●      Whining Sounds: If there is damage in your fuel pump, you could hear whining sounds inside your vehicle. The fuel pump will try to distribute fuel as designed but fail, causing there to be a strange noise from the engine. Strange sounds are typically always a warning sign that something is wrong with your vehicle. It is important to take your car to a trusted repair shop as soon as you hear something unusual, as extreme damage can be done if ignored.
●      Engine Overheating: If gasoline leaks into the oil of your car, it will cause your engine lubrication system to fill with substances not designed as lubricant. This will cause quick overheating in your engine, which is a major factor in catastrophic engine damage.

What To Do When Your Fuel Pump Is Leaking

If you suspect that there is a leak in your fuel pump, it is essential to go to a trusted repair center right away. If you do not, irreparable damage can be done to your car’s engine.

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