Warning Signs of a Valve Cover Gasket Failure in a Volkswagen

Warning Signs of a Valve Cover Gasket Failure in a Volkswagen

Volkswagen cars are excellently-engineered and designed to give their drivers an amazing experience with durability, handling, and affordability. Volkswagen drivers consider themselves the most fortunate car owners because of the advanced engineering features that the car offers.

As complex as Volkswagens are, even the simplest auto systems and mechanical parts require routine maintenance and proper care for optimal performance. If you do not take proper care of your Volkswagen, one problem you will face is the failure of the valve cover gasket.

There’s so much to say about valve cover gaskets, but to avoid diving into the complexities of auto mechanics, we will try to keep it brief and simple. Let's analyze the role of a valve cover gasket as well as the danger signs of its failure.

The Role of Valve Cover Gasket in Your Volkswagen

The role of the valve cover gasket is to offer protection to delicate parts of the Volkswagen's engine, ensuring that the engine oil stays within the designated channels, thereby maximizing the oil flow and overall engine performance.

The role of the valve cover gasket is normally overlooked because of its size. Its role is very instrumental to the proper functioning of your car's engine. It is made essentially of pliable materials like cork or hard plastic, which is why they are probed for damage over time, especially under volatile conditions within the car's engine.

The valve cover gasket sits between the valve cover and the cylinder head to help prevent leakage. Any damage to the valve cover gasket can be very detrimental to your Volkswagen's performance and can worsen over time.

Possible Causes of Valve Cover Gasket Failure

These are some of the reasons behind a failed valve cover in your Volkswagen:

  • A Clogged Suction Jet Pump: A suction jet pump is installed in your Volkswagen to prevent pressure from accumulating within the crankcase, resulting in pressure relief. If the suction jet pump becomes clogged with dirt, there will be no pressure relief, thereby failing the valve cover gasket.
  • Damaged Valve Cover: This is another reason for a failed valve cover gasket. Engine oil will escape out of the gasket if the valve cover is cracked or damaged. The valve cover gasket alone can not retain engine oil in the crankcase. All components must work together to prevent leakage or spillage of the engine oil into other delicate engine parts.
  • A cracked or damaged gasket: The volatile conditions within the engine can cause the valve cover gasket to become brittle and eventually crack or become damaged over time. The heating up and cooling down of the car engine are responsible for this. Hence, it is important to always take the car for a routine check-up so that any signs of damage to the gasket will be detected and replaced.

Signs of a Failed Valve Cover Gasket in Volkswagen

  • Engine Misfire: If you notice that your car engine is misfiring, it is an indicator of a failing valve cover gasket. It shows that you are losing oil as a result of a failed gasket. If engine oil seeps down into the spark plugs, it would result in an engine misfire.
  • Low Level of Engine Oil: If you notice that even after refilling your car with engine oil, the check engine oil light still comes on to inform you of the oil level, it is a sign that your valve cover gasket is damaged, resulting in leakage of oil. In such a situation, don't hesitate to take your VW to our certified Volkswagen specialists to diagnose the problem and have it fixed.
  • The Smell of Burning Oil: Oil leaking out of your valve cover gasket will find its way to the manifold. On getting to the manifold, the heat it generates would burn the engine oil, producing a very strong smell. If you perceive such a strong smell of burning oil, make sure to have your VW checked as quickly as possible to prevent even more costly damage.
  • A Filthy Valve Cover: The engine oil that leaks out of a damaged valve cover gasket would pour over the valve cover, causing it to become sticky, and as such, dirt will stick to your valve cover. A dirty valve cover is a clear sign of a failed valve cover gasket.

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