How to Fix an Illuminated Airbag Light in a VW in Walnut Creek


Volkswagen is a renowned German automaker known for its iconic models. It is not generally considered a luxury brand, but they make sleek designs and reliable models for everyone to drive. Because they are the "people's car," all owners should be aware when service is needed to keep it running smoothly.

Your car illuminates or flashes the airbag warning light on your dashboard or computer display. Your airbag is deactivated if the light is on, which means it would not deploy properly if you are involved in an accident.

Driving a car without an airbag light is very risky. The airbag light is also called an SRS (supplemental restraint system) warning light. It is important to fix whatever problem you have with your airbag system because airbag saves life whenever an accident occurs.

Reasons Behind a Faulty Illuminated Airbag Light

Your airbag system is bad and not functioning well, if the airbag light turns on. If it turns on with other displays and dims out almost immediately, this is normal. However, the light can turn on due to a bad battery and will often go off after the battery returns to normal voltage. There are several reasons behind a faulty illuminated airbag.

●      It can be caused by a faulty airflow or faulty oxygen sensor: There is an airbag sensor problem if the light remains illuminated after starting your vehicle. A bad oxygen sensor can cause stalling or slow acceleration, and your car could run irregularly. Using fuel that is not recommended for your car or low quality gasoline can damage your oxygen sensors faster. If you notice your car has become difficult to start in the morning, there is a high chance that it is caused by bad airflow.

●      Damaged airbag: A failure in the steering system which is an electrical component, is an airbag defect because of a damaged clock spring that can keep the airbag from deploying. If the airbag is broken, the warning light would illuminate. A damaged airbag can also lead to worse injuries.

●      Exhausted airbag backup battery:Voltage regulator and the alternator is affected by a bad battery, which can cause the airbag to turn on. The deployed airbags store enough current using very large capacitors through the SRS (supplemental restraint system). A depleted airbag battery can cause an error to the system.

●      Faulty seat belt: The SRS airbag module links the seat belts and airbags together. A bad seat belt can also cause the light to illuminate. If the sensors malfunction, the seat belt may still be able to click, but the sensor will read it as not being secured.

How to Fix an Illuminated Airbag Light

You’ll need to hire a technician who is a professional to examine the airbags before driving your car. It is labor-intensive, depending on the model. If your dashboard airbag light is deactivated, the airbags won’t open or would get deployed if there is an accident. In place of having it deployed, if your airbags are broken, you can protect yourself from accidents or serious injuries by having them replaced.

Bad airbag light signifies a problem with the seatbelts or damaged airbags. It is dangerous to drive with the airbag light on, it is important to get a technician to fix it by getting it towed there rather than driving it there yourself. It is difficult to fix an airbag issue after an accident. It is important to have it replaced even if it’s expensive. Use a dealership to reset or scan the light of your VW. Resetting the light in your car is not simple. Airbag designs in Volkswagen are not set to be reset easily.

Professional Recommendations

Professional technicians are required to offer the best services to your Volkswagen. A bad airbag is dangerous for your safety so have it inspected right away if your airbag light is illuminated.

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Your life or the lives of your passengers also depends on your airbag working properly. If you have an illuminated airbag warning light, give us a call today at 925-932-8744 to schedule an appointment.

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